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Anyone with headaches knows that headaches can be the most debilitating and frustrating problem. The most common type of headaches are know as tension headaches which are caused by problems in the neck. Muscle and joint dysfunction in the cervical spine has been shown to cause headaches by referred pain to the head.

Although strain of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments can produce tension-type headaches through referred pain, headaches mostly occur when the nerves become entrapped as they exit the cervical spine.

As the nerves exit the upper cervical spine, they travel between muscles to reach the head. When the muscles become excessively tight due to the accumulation of restrictive scar tissue adhesions, the nerves can become irritated and compressed causing headaches. 

Muscles can develop scar tissue adhesions after common injuries, car accidents, repetitive motion, sports, or prolonged poor posture. 

Active Release Techniques (ART) is extremely effective in treating these types of headaches.  Along with chiropractic manipulation to restore normal joint mobility, ART treatments break down the restrictive adhesions that have formed in the muscles of the neck.  As the adhesions are broken down, entrapped nerves are released and the headache pain is relieved.

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